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Photos by Rob Sondergaard

Ace Martens unveil shoeglancing ‘Palm Springs’ tape at the Lido-4/5/16

Reviewed by Leslie Ken Chu Ace Martens released their gold glittered Palm Springs tape into the world with a free show at the Lido last Tuesday. The pairing of Martens with opener Daniel Rincon was more drastic than the change in sound between Springs and their previous EP Silent Days, however. Performing under his real

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LIVE REVIEW – Sophia Danai feels the love at her Biltmore album release

 Sophia Danai with Stevie Ross and ninetyfour at the Biltmore Cabaret, 4/1/16 Reviewed by Leslie Ken Chu The dissolution of a toxic relationship fuelled Sophia Danai’s ultimately triumphant new album Love Royale. But there was nothing toxic about the reception she got at her release show last Saturday. Vancouver-via-Toronto rapper ninetyfour opened the night which

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Great song writing is born of two things-a passion for one’s subject, and a dedication to the craft itself. Vancouver folk rocker Jeremy Allingham demonstrates this passion and dedication to song writing on his new album “Memory Electric,” and weaves a compelling narrative in the process. We asked him a few questions about just what

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Loud, Fast and Yelly – Stress Eating

Written by Sarah Fawcett. Photo by Ryan Rose. Banner by Tristan Milne. These days, stress runs rampant. Everyone’s got it and I have to admit, a good dosage of doughnuts, pizza and nachos helps me fill that void. Many of you can probably relate. So, I encourage you to sit down, stuff your face, relax,

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What’s Up? Soft Haze!

Written by Danielle Dzioba. Photos by Phonograph Obscura. Banner by Pascale Laviolette. While sitting in What’s Up? Hot Dog! on East Hastings street with local band Soft Haze, I learned two things. The first is that it is really a very bad idea to conduct an interview while trying to eat a hot dog covered in

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Written by Chris Jimenez. Indie rock, progressive pop, and alternative dark pop are one of the many genres City of Glass explores on their latest release. This duo’s new EP Monogyny is a definite step forward in defining their current sound, with Michael Champion’s hypnotic voice heard clearly through the tight yet ambient instrumentals. I

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